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20 minute phone or video consultation: FREE

Upon contacting me, we can schedule a free 20 minute consultation if you desire. This first consultation is meant to get to briefly know each other, and get a general idea for how I work. You’ll be briefly presenting your needs as an individual or a couple, and you will receive introductory feedback and information regarding how the therapy process works, fees, and availability.  Scheduling a consultation is not required as you can schedule an initial session right away.  However, sometimes a consultation allows a client to decide if a therapist's communication style is a fit for them.  Sometimes a consultation is a good opportunity for a more skeptical or less motivated spouse or partner to ask questions about the process and about my style and training. 


Initial 90 minutes session: $150

Subsequent sessions 55 minutes: $125

Once we have established that couple sessions are what you both need, we schedule an initial session for 90 minutes.  In this first session I can assess your current situation from both perspectives , gather personal history and present you with a structure for the sessions that will follow.  Subsequent sessions are usually 55 minutes, unless longer sessions are requested.  Most couples require between 6-12 sessions to successfully make lasting changes. Usually sessions occur weekly and then are spaced out as the sense of urgency becomes less intense. As every couples is different, it is not always possible to prescribe a specific amount of sessions however I am always mindful of asking my clients about their needs, financial situation and efficacy of their treatment to better understand how to plan for their success.


50 minutes individual sessions: $115


Individual sessions may be a fit for you if you are either seeking individual assistance for self growth , overcoming traumas, coping with grief, managing family or work stress, going through life transitions and achieving  personal transformation (regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship) or as part of couples therapy.   It is not unusual for a partner to participate in individual sessions to address any underlying and personal issues affecting their relationship. As a result, they can learn the skills to heal and move forward, and address some couple issues individually. Individual sessions are also appropriate for couples whose partners are not ready to come in. There is considerable work can be done separately to improve a relationship.


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